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Home Delivery FAQ
Q: What is “My regular order”?
A: This is the order your driver will leave every time unless you request something different.

Q: How do I let my driver know that I would like something different than my regular order?
A: There are 3 simple ways to change your upcoming deliveries: Logon to the Royal Crest Dairy website and update what you need up until 7pm the night before your delivery. Please see the On-Line Order change FAQ for more details. Call our Customer Service Department at 303.777.3055 or 1.888.226.6455 from 6:30am to 4pm Mon – Fri. Mark your order card with ALL items you wish to have delivered, including ones on your regular order.

Q: How do I let my driver know what I need if it is after the web cutoff at 7:00pm?
A: To alert your driver of changes needed to your order, please place your marked order card between the lid and the box and your driver will leave you only what you have marked in that days column. Changes will apply only to the date that is marked. Remember if you only need your “regular order” you don’t need to do anything but remember to bring in your products. If you need additional items please be sure to mark EVERYTHING you need on your order form. Marking items on your order form overrides your regular order and your driver will only leave what is marked.

Q: What do I do if I need extra milk or other products before my next delivery day?
A: Please call customer service at 303.777.3055 or 1.888.226.6455 and we will be happy to make occasional deliveries to you Monday through Friday.

Q: I never received (or misplaced) my order card. Where do I go to print a new one?
A: Please click on 'Print Order Card' below... Or, you can call customer service at 303.777.3055 or 1.888.226.6455.
Print Order Card

Q: Do you deliver on holidays?
A: We deliver on all holidays that fall on your normal delivery day Monday through Friday.

Q: I am not able to view or print your forms?
A: Some forms may require Adobe Reader to view and print forms. Please use this link to Adobe's web site: http://get.adobe.com/reader/   You can click on the link to be directed to Adobe's web site.
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