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 Joke Korner

  1. What do you get from a nervous cow?   

  2. What do you call a cow eating grass? 

  3. What do you get when you mix a smurf with a cow?

  4. What 3 months are a teachers favorite?
  5. Why is a calendar so popular? 

  6. Why did the cinnamon roll?

  7. What is Blue and White and has a horn and gives milk?

  8. What do you call a happy cowboy? 

  9. Why did the teacher marry the janitor? 

  10. What is the only class that you can plant a flower in? 





1.  A Milk Shake. 2. A Lawn Mooer.  3. Blue Cheese!  4. June, July & August!  5. Because it has lots of dates!  6.  He saw the apple turn over.  7. A Royal Crest Dairy Milk Truck!  8. A Jolly Rancher.  9. He Swept her off her feet!  10. Kindergarden!        

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