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  Chocolate Milk   (expand...)

Royal Crest Chocolate Milk Rich and creamy Royal Crest All Natural 2% Chocolate Milk is made with more chocolate than any other chocolate milk available. Our milk is from cows that have not been treated with rbGH growth hormones. You'll enjoy the smooth, chocolate flavor! Your satisfaction guaranteed!
Remember, we do NOT use high fructose corn syrup-only real vanilla! Order yours today.

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  Half and Half   (expand...)

Royal Crest "old-fashioned" Half & Half (half milk, half cream) is carefully blended for a smooth, rich taste for all of your cooking, baking and enjoyment needs. Our "old-fashioned" Half & Half has an average butterfat content of 12% and comes in an easy to use pint container.

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  Whipping Cream   (expand...)

Royal Crest Whipping Cream makes every day an "occasion". With a minimum butterfat content of 40%, our whipping cream offers a superior, creamy taste and whipping performance. We deliver our whipping cream in a handy, pint size container.

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  Sour Cream   (expand...)

Royal Crest Sour Cream is specially prepared so that its unique, smooth and rich flavor will satisfy your expectations. Our Sour Cream contains 18% butterfat and is delivered in a 12 oz recyclable container.

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  Westby Yogurt   (expand...)

Enjoy the flavor of country goodness in every spoonful of Westby Thick-n-Creamy yogurt. Real fruit and natural flavors add to the great taste of these low-fat yogurts. Order your 6 pack today! Flavors available to you in an 8 oz. cup are 2 strawberry, 2 vanilla and 2 raspberry. (Sold by the 6 pack only please) The milk that is used to create this old-fashion yogurt is also rbGH hormone free! Enjoy!

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  Cottage Cheese   (expand...)

Royal Crest Cottage Cheese is the "Aristocrat of Cottage Cheese". A specialized process produces a firm, yet creamy texture that is sure to please. Packed fresh in a 16 oz recyclable container, our Cottage Cheese is a "family favorite". Royal Crest Reduced Fat Cottage Cheese is made with the same care as our Regular Cottage Cheese, but with half the butterfat (2% vs. 4%). Packaged in a 16 oz recyclable container, you never need to go without this flavorful favorite.

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  Butter   (expand...)

Royal Crest Butter is churned from fresh, sweet cream and meets the finest AA Grade standards. Our one pound, lightly salted butter comes in 4-8oz sticks.

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  Spreadable Butter   (expand...)

Royal Crest quality in a delectable spreadable Butter! Grasslands spreadable butter is made with canola oil and made in Wisconsin. With 0 grams of fat per serving it spreads beautifully over toast, pancakes or waffles and makes the perfect topping for baked potatoes and other veggies. Order yours today!

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  Silk Vanilla Soy   (expand...)

Royal Crest is pleased to offer our customers the nation's number one Soy product Silk Vanilla Soy. Silk Vanilla Soy available in half gallon container is lactose-free, cholesterol-free, rich in calcium and a complete protein. Try some today!

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  Coffee-Mate Creamer   (expand...)

Coffee-mate Fat Free French Vanilla Liquid Creamer is the leading liquid creamer in the Colorado market and is now offered on home delivery in quart containers. Add a little flavor to your morning blend with Coffeemate.

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  Royal Crest Eggs   (expand...)

Royal Crest Eggs are delivered fresh to your door and are selected from our local supplier. Every dozen contains large, Grade AA Eggs and is guaranteed for freshness and taste.

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  Egg-land's Eggs   (expand...)

Egg-land's Best Cage Free Brown Eggs are the best tasting eggs around. They have 10 times more vitamin E, 100 mg Omega 3, 25% less saturated fat, and 185 mg of Lutein. Each hen is fed a unique all natural vegetarian diet. USDA inspector certified and delivered to your door 24-48 hours after being laid. Just ask for EB!

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