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Eggland's Best Cage Free Brown
Egg-land's Best Cage Free Brown Eggs are the best tasting eggs around. They have 10 times more vitamin E, 115 mg Omega 3, 25% less saturated fat, and 185 mg of Lutein. Each hen is fed a unique all natural vegetarian diet. USDA inspector certified on-site to ensure the highest quality possible, day in and day out.


Save 25 Cents



Orange Juice
Orange juice is one of American's healthiest morning beverages. For years, people have chosen orange juice for its great taste and nutrition benefits. It's naturally sweet. Enjoy a cold glass today!

Conveniently packaged in both quart and half gallon sizes for your active life style


Save 20 Cents



Sara Lee Bagels

Royal Crest Dairy offers Sara Lee Bagels delivered to your front door. The bagels are packaged 6 per bag to stay soft and tasty for up to one week. Delicious right out of the bag or toasted, Sara Lee Bagels are sure to please.


Save 30 Cents



Sargento String Cheese

Sargento String Cheese is offered in a 12 oz. multi-pack. The string cheese is individually wrapped for lunches, on-the-go treats and everyday snacking.



Royal Crest Dairy is pleased to offer its customers special savings each month on select products.  Simply mark
your order card for your next delivery or change your order on-line.  Satisfaction guaranteed. 





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