A Colorado Icon: Bonnie Brae Ice Cream

Much like Royal Crest Dairy, Bonnie Brae Ice Cream has been a Denver icon for many years. Located just five minutes from Royal Crest’s Denver office, their shop has resided in the historic Bonnie Brae neighborhood for over 30 years.

A Royal Crest customer since 2007, Bonnie Brae Ice Cream has delighted Coloradans with their freshly made ice cream since 1986. If you haven’t indulged in their award winning ice cream…you’re missing out! They make it with fresh Royal Crest Dairy milk and cream and the finest ingredients. While featuring different flavors each day and two new flavors every month, Bonnie Brae is sure to please even the pickiest of ice cream lovers.

Who is Bonnie Brae Ice Cream?

  • Founded by two local couples: Ken and Judy Simon, and Bob and Cindy Pailet
  • Serving delectable ice cream since July 17, 1986
  • Employed 585 Coloradans during this time
  • Scooped 8,662,500 scoops of ice cream
  • 57,225 bananas split, making Denver one potassium-rich city

A Rich History of Cream Based Bravado

The Simons had a vision: an iconic ice cream shop where they would sell their ice cream to friends and neighbors. They called up long-time friends Bob and Cindy Pailet to pitch them their dream. The Pailets were sold and ended up moving back to Colorado from Arizona.

What was once a family tradition, became an exciting new business venture for co-owner and ice cream extraordinaire Judy Simon,

“My family used to make ice cream for special occasions. I have childhood memories of picnics and family get-togethers. We always made homemade ice cream, so I chose to develop this love.”

The location in the historic Bonnie Brae neighborhood was a no brainer as Ken’s family had owned the land since the 1940s. The Simon’s had previously leased the shop to the ice cream chain, Dolly Madison, which at their height had owned 30 locations across Denver.

Changing Tastes

The Simons and the Pailets opened up shop during the ice creamery equivalent of the Gold Rush, an era when premium ice cream was just beginning to take off.

At the time, very few people understood where changing tastes would go, but it became more and more clear as people stopped buying classic flavors and began demanding flavors with more pizazz.

Bonnie Brae Ice Cream was up to the task and began offering a slew of interesting flavors that kept their customers coming back.

Quality and innovation continue to play a significant role in Bonnie Brae’s day-to-day business. Their menu changes everyday, featuring unique flavors such as Honey Almond, Malted Milkball, Blueberry Chocolate, and Key Lime Sherbet. You can find their daily flavor offerings posted on their website. They also release two new flavors each month, specially taste-tested by the founders.

Ice cream making is an art and Bonnie Brae Ice Cream takes this to a whole other level with their knack for innovation and high quality ingredients, including that fresh Royal Crest Dairy cream.

Royal Crest Dairy is proud to celebrate another locally owned Colorado business such as Bonnie Brae Ice Cream and looks forward to our continuing relationship. So…do yourself a favor and stop by their location today and find your favorite flavor!