Royal Crest Milk: Quality, Fresh Milk From Our Family To Yours

Whether you’ve had Royal Crest delivery for 50 years, or are a brand new customer, you have probably heard our products praised for two main reasons: the quality and freshness. At Royal Crest, we pride ourselves on delivering the freshest and highest quality products to our wonderful customers and their families. We have done so for 92 years, and will continue to do so for years to come. 

The Miller Family Legacy

The Miller family has been delivering high-quality milk to Front Range homes for over a 100 years. It started as Miller’s Sanitary Dairy, which was founded by Paul Silas Miller in 1910. Mr. Miller took care of the entire operation in one 24-hour period. He would milk the cows, bottle the milk and make deliveries to his customers every day. Royal Crest Dairy was founded in 1927 by Mr. & Mrs. Sam Thomas. The Miller family purchased Royal Crest in 1965. Under the leadership of Paul R. Miller, Royal Crest has maintained the same commitment to high quality dairy products followed by Mr. Paul Silas Miller, his grandfather, 100 years ago.

Our Quality Process

Our quality milk is pasteurized and homogenized at our plant in Longmont, Colorado. This state of the art processing facility was opened in December of 1999. Previously, the plant was located at 350 S. Pearl Street in Denver where it remained for 73 years. We still use the location as our main office and includes Customer Service and Distribution for Denver routes. The Longmont plant is one of the industry’s most highly functional and appealing facilities which allows us to provide the highest quality products for our customers. 

Royal Crest premium milk has no antibiotics, pesticides, or added growth hormones. We begin with the freshest milk from local grade A producers who submit to a rigid testing program to insure purity, quality, and flavor. We partner with local farmers in Colorado as we believe in supporting those local farmers and local communities across Colorado. The milk is processed using an old fashioned vacuum pasteurization method, which gives our milk that rich and creamy, fresh taste. 

Our milk has a higher vitamin content than grocery store brands, which adds to the quality of our product. Grocery stores brand contain 6-12% Vitamin A and 25% Vitamin D on average. Royal Crest Premium Milk contains 18% Vitamin A and 33% Vitamin D. So you can be assured the milk your family drinks is rich in vitamins and tastes great!


Royal Crest milk is delivered in about 48-72 hours from cow to your milk box. Milk from your local grocery store has spent several days processing, several days in transit to the store, and at least a few days on the shelf before you purchase it. That milk is often ultra-pasteurized to remove any bacteria from the cattle which lowers the shelf-life of the milk. That’s why store brand milk often expires so quickly in your refrigerator. Fresher milk ultimately tastes better too. It tends to have a sweeter, richer, and creamier taste. 

It’s not only our milk. Most of our products are sourced locally and all of them live up to our standards of quality and freshness. For example, our eggs are sources locally in Platteville Colorado from Morning Fresh Farm. We are proud to support the local Colorado community and happy to provide quality products to all of our customers and their families. We are honored to be trusted with serving the Denver community.