Royal Crest Dairy Order Card Announcement
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Dear Valued Royal Crest Dairy Customers,

This is a time of unprecedented demand for our home delivery services. In order to better serve you and allow delivery drivers to serve all customers to the best of their ability during this time, we are eliminating the use of the order card. Going forward for your convenience you can update your weekly order on our website or contact us via customer service or webchat. 

If you have never used our website to update your order, you’ll need to set up an account here using the primary phone number associated with your account. From there, you’ll be able to update or change your weekly order. If you have already created an online account, login here to update or change your order. Order changes must be made before 7 pm the night before your scheduled delivery to ensure that we load our trucks with the proper supply. You can see a full tutorial here:

If you have any additional questions regarding setting up your account or online orders, please feel to reach out to us at 303-777-3055, send us an email at,  or chat with us at

We realize this is a sudden change, but we know it will help us better serve you. We do not anticipate any supply issues with milk at this time. We may experience temporary shortages with other products, however, with the use of online ordering, we gain the ability to stock trucks appropriately.

We want to thank each and every customer for their continued support and patience. We value and appreciate all of you.

Garrett Callister
President, Royal Crest Dairy