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We've joined Facebook!  Please enjoy a few of the comments we've recently received!

Kristin from Colorado Springs emailed us:

“I'm online this morning skipping a delivery, actually. But I thought I would take a second to commend our delivery man. He is incredible! I've had Royal Crest for YEARS -- more than a decade, at least. And our delivery has NEVER been wrong. Not one mistake! And any time I've called to change an order or have a question, I get a real person quickly who knows the business and can help immediately. In this world where my new appliances continue to disappoint me, where calling the service line results in waiting for eons -- usually followed by a frustrating conversation, and where employees are forced to stick to some sort of script rather than being human, I am so grateful that Royal Crest continues to provide the best service ever. Thank you, thank you! You are maintaining some of my faith in humanity. :) With great gratitude for the hard work that you do in the wee hours and always, Kristin.”

Melinda gave us a 5-star review on Facebook:

“My family has been a customer for around 30 years. The milk tastes so much better than milk from the grocery store, and the convenience of home delivery is wonderful. The fact that they recycle their bottles is important to us. We always look forward to the Holidays; we call it eggnog season!”

Terry from Arvada told us:

Terry told us how much she appreciates the different ways we have to change and skip orders, and how easy it makes it for her.

*Did you know there are 3 different ways to change your order or place a skip? You can call our friendly customer service representatives at 303-777-3055, log on to your account online, or use your order card at your box.

Mona from Parker gave us a very sweet compliment:

Mona has been a customer since 1987, and says she has never had any problems. She tells all of her friends that they will not find a company with better service. Thank you Mona!

Barbara from Peyton commented on our Facebook page:

“Great tasting milk, fresh eggs and lots of other good products. The best thing I’ve done when moving to CO was having milk delivered from Royal Crest.”

Megan tagged us in her post on Instagram:



Royal Crest Dairy reserves the sole right to review, edit and summarize customer feedback based on space availability and content. We very much appreciate you sharing your comments with us.

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