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I just can't explain why anyone would buy milk or dairy from the store when they can have your awesome products.  As a young girl, many many years ago in Florida, we had a milkman, and as a family, we loved it.  And though we have recently moved to Castle Rock where delivery is available, I just can't say enough about the fantastic quality, wonderful selection and the super delivery person - Toni!  No one in their right mind should go anywhere else but to stay right at home for the very best.  Thanks for the yummy stuff, the ease of getting natural delicious food for my family and I, and as always, the early morning deliveries.

Anna and family from Colorado Springs

I don't have a request: only wanted to thank you guys for NOT adding Bovine Growth Hormone (both rBGH and bst) in your milk.  It is GREATLY appreciated by your customers and we keep ordering, in part, because of that.  Thank you!

Stacey also from Colorado Springs
emailed in:

I want to pass a thank you on to my delivery driver Aaron.  There have been no errors and I don't feel like I need to change anything.  When he delivers product, I do not feel pressured to get it, it is all neatly in the box and not seen by anyone.  I am thinking him so much.    

Keith from Fort Collins
called in with a complaint:

Oh, your product is too good and I order too much!

Darcy from Englewood
called to tell us:

We have the best customer service!  I marked the incorrect date on my order card and received a call from the drivers' supervisor wanting to verify my order, "Now that's customer service!"


Royal Crest Dairy reserves the sole right to review, edit and summarize customer feedback based on space availability and content. We very much appreciate you sharing your comments with us.

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